Unit1 How can we become good learners?


How I Learned to Learn English

Last year, I did not like my English class. Every class was like a bad dream. The teacher spoke too quickly. But I was afraid to ask questions because my pronunciation was very bad. So I just hid behind my textbook and never said anything.

Then one day I watched an English movie called Toy Story. I fell in love with this exciting and funny movie! So then I began to watch other English movies as well. Although I could not understand everything the characters said, their body language and the expressions on their faces helped me to get the meaning. I also realized I could get the meaning by listening for just the key words. My pronunciation also improved by listening to the interesting conversations in English movies. I discovered that listening to something you are interested in is the secret to language learning. I also learned useful sentences like “It’s a piece of cake” or “It serves you right.” I did not understand these sentences at first. But because I wanted to understand the story, I looked up the words in a dictionary.

Now I really enjoy my English class. I want to learn new words and more grammar. Then I can have a better understanding of English movies.


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How Can You Become a Successful Learner?

Everyone is born with the ability to learn. But whether or not you can do this well depends on your learning habits. Research shows that successful learners have some good habits in common.

Creating an interest in what they learn

Studies show that if you are interested in something, your brain is more active and it is also easier for you to pay attention to it for a long time. Good learners often connect what they need to learn with something they are interested in. For example, if they need to learn English and they like music or sports, they can listen to English songs or watch sports programs in English. This way they will not get bored.

Practicing and learning from mistakes

Good learners think about what they are good at and what they need to practice more. Remember, “use it or lose it”! Even if you learn something well, you will forget it unless you use it. Practice makes perfect. Good learners are also not afraid of making mistakes. Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone overnight. He succeeded by trying many times and learning from his mistakes.

Developing their study skills

It is not enough to just study hard. You have to know how to study. Good learners find out the best ways to learn well. For example, they may take notes by writing down key words or by drawing mind maps. Good learners also look for ways to review what they have learned. They may do this by reading their notes every day or by explaining the information to another student.

Asking questions

Good learners oft en ask questions during or after class. They even ask each other and try to find out the answers. Knowledge comes from questioning. Learning is a life-long journey because every day brings something new. Everything that you learn becomes a part of you and changes you, so learn wisely and learn well.


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后来有一天我看了一部叫做《玩具总动员》的 英语电影。我爱上了这部既激动人心又滑稽有趣的 电影!就这样我也开始看其他的英文电影。虽然我 无法听懂那些角色所说的全部内容,但他们的肢体 语言和面部表情帮助我理解了意思。我也意识到我 可以通过只听关键词来理解意思。通过听英文电影 中的对话,我的发音也变的更好了。我发现听一些 有趣的内容是学习语言的秘诀。我还学到了一些有 用的句子比如“这简直是小菜一碟”或者“你活该”。我起初不理解这些句子,但是因为我想理解这个故事,所以我查了字典。

现在我真的喜欢我的英语课。我想学习生词和更多的语法,那样我对英语电影就能有更好的理解了。 Section B 2b




1. 培养他们对所学东西的兴趣


2. 练习并从错误中学习

善于学习的人思考他们擅长什么以及他们需要 更多的练习什么。记住:“不用即失”。即使你学某事 物学的很好,如果你不使用你会忘记它。“熟能生巧”。善于学习的人会一直练习他们所学到的东西,而且 他们从不怕犯错误。亚历山大-格雷厄姆-贝尔不是一 夜之间发明了电话的。他是通过许多次的尝试以及 从他的错误中学习取得成功的。

3. 发展他们的学习技能


4. 问问题





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